Aug 07
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Line Break, Episode 43

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Coraline Hart about her poem, "Lemonade," (see below), phonesthetics (words that sound pretty), summer and music, seeing houses we used to live in, horror movies, and the best bookstore in the world. 
I hope you enjoy!
- Iris
By Coraline Hart
The sour taste sizzles on your tongue,
sweetness stings your taste buds
hot summer beams on us when we're young
ice cools the drink so it suds
the sweet and sour brings back splashes
of sunburned, chlorine soaked children
not thinking about incoming classes
the couple play a tune for the steamed night
while sweet and sour collide
lightning bugs glow bright
in hopes that one day she'll be my bride
That's what I think of summer serenade
whenever I drink lemonade 
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