Aug 08


Our paths were set eons ago
By strange
Sadistic gods
And every time we get reborn
We meet
Against the odds
And every time we meet we end up kissing by the water
Doesn't matter if you're a prince and I'm merely a potter
Then we spend hours together
Lounging in the sun
And sometimes one of us stays over 
Even once the day is done
And we kiss and talk together
We both know that we've met
But we can't place just where and how
For we always forget
And we elope or marry
Whether boy or girl
Even when life is oysters
Our love is a pure pearl
But then we start corroding
And talking less and less
It soon turns into silence
That neither will address
That festers into hatred
That we won't ever mend
And we both silently decide
That this madness must end
One always kills another
Our lives are short or long
And we never feel remorse
Because we know we weren't wrong
And the things above our head 
They laugh
As we fight to get our shot in
They can watch the boat go down again
Once we have forgotten