Aug 26
poem challenge: Summer
wings of fire's picture

Summer day

Grass between tiny toes as you play in a field of pure white dandelions.

Wishing on everyone you find.

Sitting by a small stream dipping your toes in it.

Feeling the shock of the clear cold water.

Laughing on a beach of warm sand.

As an ever bluer lake shimmers like a million galaxies.

Now as the day comes to an end the sun begins to sink in the pink sky.

Stars peek out bright and beautiful.

And the milky moon shows its face silhouetting you.

In the field catching fireflies as your world turns dark for the night.

Laughter still echoes around the dandelions.

A sigh of relief will forever be at the river.

A warm laugh of a child still hangs by the beach.

The blue lake turns even darker blue freckled with the reflections of stars.

As you lay in the grass just edging away to sleep.