Aug 27
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If I could pause the world for a little while, I would
I would stay here
Huddled in your arms
Refusing to let go
Just a little longer

If I could turn back time, I would
Back to tea parties on the carpet
Back to lunches packed for school
Back to hugging you when you get home from work
For another childhood with you

If I could stay with you, I would
Stay watching television at night
Stay making dinner together
Stay with one another

But time is an endless march
A train made without brakes
And it is because of this
That every moment I had with you
Every moment I have with you
And every moment I will have with you
Are the most precious things of all

There is no reset button
No stop button
No way to slow down
But to hold your hand
And knowing that we are not infinite
Enjoy every moment