Aug 28


D'here's a storm brewin'
finna comin' up my way
We're right in its track,
not the first woman to storm

I can't leave
I ain't got no money

Not to mention,
I don't know if the hotel gonna let my dog in
the highway's fixin' to be filled with people like me
y'all already bought lagniappe outta those stores
cars line up jus' to get a tank of sold out gas

every year
Rouses sells out faster and faster

D'here's always the option of stayin' home
The option I have to go wif
It ain't my first storm I have to stay for d'ough

But last time,
my house went unda the water
my roof was in my backyard
my livin' room wall blown out
tree in smack middle of my house
everythin' I owned flushed out jus' like the water did

never even got the relief fund afer d'hat

Well, hope d'his storm ain't like the last
Cause it's a brewin'
I know a storm can rip ya heart out
Maybe d'hat's why d'hey name 'em

[ED NOTE: Read about Hurricane Ida here:]