Aug 31


His body ignited like a flame with cancer cells. 
What was once a healthy anatomy of a human man, was now an Illuminate CT scan. 
They reproduced, havesting on the healthy blood that remained in his body. 
IT had power, IT took over and IT was quite literally killing him.
The cancer was sucking every ounce of energy out of his body, 
Fleeing the color of his skin, turning his body cold and pale. 
Everyday it burned to breathe, his lungs scorching in agony. 
His body had decreased in size, now exhibiting every bone, covered by a light layer of skin.
He wasn't recognizeable anymore. He was weak and fading away, nearing death by the second.
During his final hours, he had no strength left in him to say goodbye.
He squeezed my hand three times. 
"I love you."