Sep 06
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Guardian Angel

My heart is lost in the city
Looking for someplace to hide
Halting at stop signs and falling on pavement
Too young to know the reason why

Give me a helping hand or throw me a landline
Let me phone a friend or search for some sunshine
Picture the clouds have stopped crying at last 
Or let your heart break like glass

Tornados have since been forgotten
Lives swept up in other ways
My mom works two jobs, my dad sleeps on the couch
While I’ve been struggling with college essays

Pen on paper but it rips too quickly
Whether through anger or buckets of tears
Letting out my emotions, borrowing someday’s
While my guardian angel sits there and cheers

‘Horray! Horray! Let the dewdrops sing and birds whistle
Sweet harmonies with the screams of her pain!
Let me make music with the melody of her anguish
While I sit there basking in the joy of her suffering and
Her hope is vanquished.’

My guardian angel does not like her job
She is the reason my heart is made of glass
I blame all my faults and decisions on her
Because who have I become if not broken?
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