Sep 07
poem challenge: Light

A Dream

The sun set into the ground
and left behind a trail of colors.
Crimson red and soft orange
Clashed with the pastel pink.

But we sat together
On the old wooden chairs
creaking as they rocked back and forth. 
The tiny lights
along the edge of the cabin
framed our faces in pale yellow light.

We stood up
and I leaned toward you for support. 
Walking barefoot,
the rocks dug into my skin
and the wind
stung pleasantly on my face. 

We stopped at the tree
and I reached out a hand,
my fingers brushing the rough brown bark
and then everything started to dissolve. 
The world breaking apart. 

I opened my eyes with a start,
blinding white lights hung from the ceiling
a heart monitor beeping,
and white curtains to my left. 

I spread my fingers open,
feeling soft white and blue sheets underneath them. 
Then I looked up
and that's when I saw them crying,
and that's when I realized,
it had all been a dream. 

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