Sep 09

The day after

If it is murder
It's the nicest murder I've ever experienced
Shiny and linoleum and bright and clean
Greeters and shoppers and killers in uniform
They let you pick your poison
Shiny racks filled with shiny toys
Cotton candy pink and sky blue and horizon orange
Little plastic packs that crackle like chocolate wrappers
Dixie cups that wash evidence from smiling lips
Couples that hold hands while one does the killing
The other one smiles and they lean closer
If it is murder
Why aren't you rallying
Why isn't cvs wrapped up with police tape like a box on Christmas eve
Why aren't you screaming on the corner of church street
If it is murder
Why don't you burn the block and pillage the building
If it is murder why don't you hunger strike
If it is murder
Why have you done it yourself?