Sep 10
fiction challenge: Folklore
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The Farmer and His Children

Once upon a time, by a small cottage in a meadow, filled with summer flowers and corn, children played. Their names were “Jack and Sally”. Their father, Greg, was a farmer and built their cottage from the trees in the nearby forest long ago.

 Their mother, Jane, (Tried) to watch over them and keep them in line but the children were incorrigible.
 Once, when their father was gone, and their mother was inside, Sally and Jack decided to go on an adventure (not knowing the danger of the woods). They took some food and set off. Later, Jane looked through the window, but the youngsters were nowhere in sight.

 “Sally! Jack!” She hollered “Where are you?!” Desperation hollowed her voice. Soon she saw Greg coming closer. “Oh Greg I’ve looked all over for them!” “Whom?” Inquired Greg, “Our children!!!” She cried.
Back to Sally and Jack, their tan skin darkened and their orange hair became tangled. Soon they became lost. “ Oh I wish we had never gone out. Let’s go to sleep.” Said the drowsy 8-year-olds, and they nestled together to keep warm and slept.
Sally woke up to a bear eating their food. She screamed and the bear noticed them and lumbered over and swallowed both of them up in one gulp!

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