Sep 13

Childhood gone to soon

I feel as if the times when I was younger went to fast,
Only around the age of 10 I have already lost to people that were apart of my story,
With others apart of my story some I lost contact with between 5-11,
Some of these characters that i'ves lost seemed to be toxic at least I've heard,
Some parts of my story went by fast while some went slow,
Some parts and characters are still going today but I don't if some are mistakes,
The chapter of my childhood has already finish as now I'm soon to be 14,
I wish I realized that the time was coming soon,
But it's too late to go back in time,
As if I can't restart the last chapter,
As if I read to quickly,
As if my childhood was gone too soon...
About the Author: RilynnLee07
Ace L.