Sep 13
rant challenge: Folklore
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The Truth About Hawaii

Did you know that the reason Hawaii is part of the US is because the President of the United States married the queen of  Hawaii? Well, that's not true. When I was younger, my brothers would always mess with me. "If you come into  my room one more time without knocking, I'll tell Spider-man to take away your toilet paper privileges,"  "If you don't massage my back then I'll tell Mom to leave you at home with Grandma while the rest of us are on vacation," "Voldemort was real and the government tried to cover it up." Things like that. And as a gullible 6 year old, I believed all of them. On our way to Hawaii, I was talking with them and I asked them how it was part of our country if it wasn't connected on the map. And you can guess what they told me. I don't think they thought I believed them, but when we got to the hotel, I became friends with another kid in the lobby. I told her "the truth" and she, also being gullible, believed me. I thought that it was real until just a couple years ago when we learned about Hawaii's history at school. Now, whenever I think of Hawaii, I think about the great marriage between Pres. Eisenhower and Queen Lili'uokalani.
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