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nonfiction challenge: Summer
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Summer 2021

The clock ticked with one minute remaining until summer vacation. I think to myself, “THE END OF SCHOOL!!!” 

During the summer, my Dad and I went to Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario was one of the great lakes. We were fishing for King Salmon. King salmon live in the ocean and swim up the river to spawn and they go through lake ontario. We caught a lot of fish. Those fish swam hard. 

   We  also went on a vacation and my grandfather and I played a lot of ping pong. The next day we woke up very early and went shark fishing. I caught two blue sharks. They were so beautiful and my Grandfather caught two also. Dad caught two blue sharks and a Mako Shark that weighed 300 pounds!!! The Mako Shark was so big that it scared all the other sharks away; it looked like a Great White. It had blood dripping everywhere from its mouth. Just when you think you caught the shark, it smashes into the boat and swims away. It pulled the boat for a long time before we caught it. 

Then the next day our grandparents took Grace and I to a troll garden. It was really fun. You hiked in the woods to find trolls and when you found all five they told you where their secret seeds are.     

The next day we left and we stopped at York's Wild Kingdom and saw a lot of animals. Then we saw a lion!!! Then we saw the monkeys!!! Then we went on the rides. First we did the bumper cars. Grace, my sister and I fought back and forth until the ride was over.    

 Next weekend we went to the Great Escape. My sister went on the carousel like a hundred times, while my father and I went on the Flashback. It was awesome. Then we went on the Comet. Now that was scary!!!  We also went on the cannonball. It was really cool but not very scary. On the way out, we went on the Steamin Demon. Now that ride might have been my favorite! When it was over, we went home knowing that school started next week. I wish the summer would last forever.

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