Sep 14
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at the balls

glittering chandeliers twinkle greetings from above
ballrooms aglow with smiles of the regency's finest,
and only the most observant see miss daphne bridgerton bump into the duke.
only the most observant go from ball to ball and watch this story unfold like the pages in a romance novel.
no one sees the words sopken in the rain or the moments looking at art
but all know that these two are enthralled with each other.

the way they dance and it looks like they're floating
eyes only fixed on each other
whispered words exchanged and
an unladylike laugh from daphne
no one hears "we should call each other by our names,"
but everyone sees how close they are
no one hears "it is you i cannot sacrifice"
but everyone sees simon begin to soften and
let people in.

and then there are the moments that no one hears or sees
moments that are simon and daphne's alone:
smiles exchanged softly from across a room,
tight embraces,
playfully calling each other "your grace,"
races on horseback where daphne wins easily but simon doesn't seem to mind,
two people who's hearts have found their way
to each other
at last.

(aka an ode to my favorite parts of bridgerton)