Sep 14


Tomorrow was like peeling an orange, I
removed the skin and exposed the bright
fragrant inside, pulled it apart and
let the sections burst between my teeth...

Yesterday will be like colored pencils, 
a sunrise over a candied hill, 
and looming thunderclouds in the ocean...

Next week was trying to candle a moment and then realizing that the wick isn't long enough so it won't burn and you'll never get it fully...

Last week will be like skyscrapers, 
huge and tall and housing many possibilities
while rain rainbows down their sides...

Today is like swallowing fire, 
broken verb in the present-past tense...

Today is layers upon layers upon layers of fabric,
each one a different color, each color
a different emotion.
But all of them are shades of blue, purple...

Today is iced-over eyes, distant blue.

Sad smile that says I'm okay but not really.
Today is a butterfly called concern, cold stone steps...

Today is questions held back and pushing through the day, 
trying to ignore the quicksand that drags at your ankles.
Running XC because you want, need, to not think about anything other than
the burning that fills your lungs and the whoosh of breath
from the others around you...

Today is pushing away the black hole that's trying to get you
and hopinghopinghoping
everything's going to be okay.

Today is lemon popsicles to soothe sore throats
and basil drying on nails hung from under the scratched wooden stairs...

Today is just the day after yesterday, the 24 hours before tomorrow...

Today is simply a Tuesday