Sep 16

To all shy people

You may be shy
Or nervous
Or think people don't like you
(They do, though)
But that's okay
Shy people are kind
They are super trustworthy
And let you talk since
They know what it's like to be left out
They'll be quiet but amazing and kind and smart
They hear almost everything
Every joke and whisper
But won't go and spread it around
They don't get noticed too much
So they'd be great spies
Lots of people like them
SInce they are not super loud
And instead, will listen to their problems
And give awesome advice
They are a little hard to read
But if you like them, just tell them
And they might surprise you and like you back
They make the best friends ever
And even though they might not have as much as some people
They have strong relationships with their friends 
They don't trust many
Even though they are trustworthy themselves
Shy people are the same as all of you
So please remember that, the next time you see one of us