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fiction challenge: Dancer
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Show Stopper

Norah Lomedico            Essex Jt. Vt.            Age 12       Contest number 7   
Show Stopper!  

Written by: Norah Lomedico 
Monday July 2nd 2020

Dear diary, today started off just like any normal day as a ballerina. I woke up at 6:00 am, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and did my hair, in a bun of course. 

Then I packed my ballet bag because ballet starts at 8:00 and this time I remembered to bring my extra leotard. Now it's time to eat my super quick breakfast. I only have about 15 minutes to eat. 

Next I get in the car and drive to the Studio. When I get there I say hi to my friends and stretch. When class was over I got in the car and drove home and prepared for tomorrow because tomorrow is tryouts to see who got the part of Clara for The Nutcracker.
                                                    Tuesday July 3nd 2020

Today when I woke up and went to the studio I remembered it was the big day I have been practicing so hard since the last show and the show before and all the shows before that, despite all that I have never gotten the part of Clara I was always second best, But today was the big day today was the day I was going to beat Charlotte it always went to her but not today was my day. 

After practice I felt good. I mean maybe I'll get it this time. We find out tomorrow I've waited all these years. I mean I got to get it one of the times,right? 

Tonight I couldn't sleep. I was way too nervous. 

                                    Wednesday July 4th 2020 (fourth of July!) 

Today is the day we find out who got the part either me or Charlotte. When I pulled up to the studio my heart was racing so fast. I walk in as Mrs. Harper is hanging up the poster, we all run over to the poster and Charlotte's name was right smack dab in the middle again. We all congratulated her but yet again I was runner up.  

After I got home I went to the freezer and grabbed a big thing of chocolate chocolate chip ice cream and ate the whole thing.  I called my mom and told her that I didn't get the role of Clara. 

That night after the fireworks I cried myself to sleep. 
                                            Thursday July 5th 2020

The next morning I got up and went to class, when I got back  I changed into my fluffy pjs and watched my favorite movie, the simpsons. I called my bestie over, Lucy and we talked for hours then went to bed. 

                                      One year later Sunday July 1st 2021 
Today is the day before the tryouts for the last eight years. I have never gotten the part of Clara yet. After class I felt good but I tried not to get my hopes up. That night when I went to bed I had a dream, about being Clara up on stage, everyone clapping and throwing roses and flowers. I was so proud. Then I woke up and remembered that I hadn't done that yet I was upset, but I had a different feeling, a good feeling but I tried not to get my hopes up.

When I got there all the girls ran up to me saying that Charlotte has not arrived yet and she is never late like I mean never. All of a sudden the phone rang Mrs. Harper answered it “ Ok yeah... ok…. Tell her we will miss her.” “ What does that mean?” I asked. “Guys listen up Charlotte broke her leg rock climbing so that means she won't be back till next season so this year we will have a new Clara.” We were all shocked but I was a little excited. I mean I actually have a chance. 

After practise when I got home I called Lucy and told her all about it we were so excited we planned a sleepover that night when Lucy arrived we immediately started picturing me up there on the stage             

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