Sep 19
poem challenge: Sunrise

Sunrise to Sunset

Hazel eyes and 
bright blue skies
Trees whispering softly in the air
A meadow green
A bounding hare
Flowers swaying
Horses baying
Roses red and
Mother Earth laying
Down to sleep for
Winter is paying 
A long, white visit on the countryside
Where wild beast far and wide
Come seek hibernation.
And do they reside 
Until Spring shows 
Her smiling face
With lilac blooms 
And Queen Anne’s Lace
Life itself
Has returned anew
With quickly running brooks 
And drops of dew
Speckling the grass.
And when the weather warms
Summer at last
Returns in swarms
Of Monarch butterflies
Clouds do rise from the skies
And flowers bloom
Once again
Swimming splashing in the stream
Are the fish that have been
Way down deep
For Summer to return again.
It is now Fall
The air is crisp
Wind does blow
The leaves colors shift
Animals gather 
For Winter
And when frost returns
The cycle begins anew.