Sep 19
fiction challenge: First Grade
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First Day of First Grade

YWP contest #week two

  First Grade

By Amina Peco age 11 Essex Junction

I  wake  up  in  the  morning,  it’s  not  summer  anymore.  It’s  the  first day  of  

first  grade! 

 I  have  two  loose  teeth and one  big  smile.

  Ready  to meet  my  new  teacher,stay  calm.

  Keep  it  happy,  keep  it  simple.

  My friends  are  happy and  so  am  I.

  My  day  is  going  great, doing  my  best, making  new  friends.

Working  my  hardest, having  fun  learning  new  things  to  be  number   one!

Playing  with  friends, rhyming  along  but   also  singing  along.

It’s  the  first  day  of  first  grade, I'm  ready  to  go!


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