Sep 21
nonfiction challenge: First Grade
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First Year

       I was so scared for my first day of first grade, so I asked my mom to drive me to school. The school I went to was called PES. I knew my friends but I was nervous about  my new teacher. My sister had the same teacher and she said the teacher was mean. I wore my red dress with my black pants and my hair in a bun. I went to school in the smart car and I met the teacher. She was really nice and we got  hard candy. We got lollipops and chocolate. We also played tag and we had pepperoni pizza for lunch.
     I remember the first day of first grade because it was my second year in a new school. Now I am in fifth grade at a new school called MSES. I still have my old friends from my last school and I am glad I was in first grade at PES.

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