The Midnight Ride

      A few years ago it was New Year's Eve night  at my house. We were having a party with my Mom and Dad's friends. Then after an hour, our neighbor came over and said that our horse was running down the road. She was a Chestnut color with a black mane. Then I fell asleep. So one of Mom's friends stayed and watched me while the rest of them went to look for our horse. First they looked where she got out. The fence was unplugged and there was a weak spot,so she broke through it. 

    So the search began…

   First they looked all over our yard and then they looked down the road. On the way back, they looked in the field and there she was way out in the field. Not to mention it was a negative twenty-four degrees outside and there was about four feet of snow. So they waded through the snow for a half an hour before they got to her. Then they had to get her back so they decided they would have Mom hop on her. Mom rode her bareback all the way home while everyone else drove slowly behind her. Then after an hour they finally made it home safely.

    Then the party was over and Mom's friends went home and Mom and Dad went to bed. When it was morning, Mom told me all about what happened. At first I didn't believe her until she showed me the gate that they put where the fence broke. So the moral of this story is always plug in the fence.'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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