Sep 21

Sweet dreams

I had a conversation tonight
with the Man in the Moon
I sat on the porch in my rocking chair
Everything was a distorted ghostly color, 
the perfect air enveloping me
was no longer rippling, no, in this light
it shimmered.
My hair in long waves around my face
went from sunset to greypurple

and we talked.
he showed me contentment
didn't let me worry
luxuriated with me under the stars.
My toes tingled with frost
and the wind, the perfect wind
sent tree shadows waltzing.
And still I sat
with the Man in the Moon.

I had a conversation tonight
with the Man in the Moon
And oh, my friends, 
I cannot even begin to describe how perfect and magical and needed this night was.
But it WAS.
His glorious light danced off my wind chimes
the ones made of crushed forks and spoons
And he reminded me how to breathe

How to control my life.

Man in the Moon
his light shines on my paper now.
Have you ever written by the light of the moon? Literally.
It's quite romantic, in a sense.
he is kind enough to light the way 
for my words tonight.

The breeze is bedazzling my hair
I am listening and I can hear everything
Especially the voice
of the Man in the Moon.
My cheeks have been touched by his cool fingers
and his eyes don't leave mine.

could've run and got my family
could've told them to come
Come and see the Man in the Moon.
And they would've
but they would not have heard him.

I breathed in one more time
closed my eyes
and blew the Man in the Moon a kiss
and told him Thank you

I had a conversation tonight
with the Man in the Moon
it calmed me
our voices lasted the whole time
all night.
After hours of holding me in a peaceful trance
he sent me to bed
and I found
we'd only talked for 20 minutes.