Sep 21
fiction challenge: Folklore


“Hi, I am Daila Waters (but everyone calls me Dolly) and I’m seventeen years old. I have long dark hair. I also have deep blue eyes and I was told I would have the darkest purple tail. I was born in Atlantis, the city under the water. I have a pet dolphin that is one of a kind because he  doesn't ever need air.

 I had named him Leo. I taught him tough tricks like how to head back to home, to be very aware if there are shadows. I got him when I was 4 so he is very special to me. I love living in Atlantis with Leo but it can be a little boring.

 Sometimes there are these shadows in the sky and we all have to hide.  I have some friends that my mom and dad didn't know. They had gone into the water when the shadows were there and then they were never seen again. I couldn't go towards my friends or I might have gotten caught. That was when I was little though. Now I can go out too.

Next week when I turn eighteen I’ll turn into a Siren. A Siren is a creature that lures sailors into the rocks with singing and then captures them. I will be able to go to the surface and make more friends because when you turn thirteen you lose all your friends because you have to focus on studying about being a Siren because you have to focus on studying about being a Siren.

  A Week later….
“Dolly, I’m so proud. Ok, now let's start the ceremony.” Mrs. Waters said. 

“All right, Dolly, sit here. Now let's start.” said Mr. Waters.

“Daila Waters, I hereby make you a beautiful Siren. You will earn your gills, tail and your voice to sing.” said a bunch of men.

“Wow, now I don’t have to wear this silly helmet. Wow and look at this tail! This is better than I thought it would be.” said Dolly.                                          
 A Day later…. 
“Ok Dolly, it’s your first mission…'s picture
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