Sep 21
essay challenge: Possession
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Being a super sentimental person, I would choose to keep all of my possessions. But one stands out in particular. A stuffed chihuahua. My favorite stuffed animal is a chihuahua named Sparkle. I got her as a gift from my grandmother when I was a little girl. Sparkle and I did, and are still, growing up together. One thing that makes Sparkle special to me is that she was a gift and not just something I asked my parents to buy me on a trip to the grocery store. Sparkle and I have been through pretty much everything together. We’ve thrown stuffed animal parties in my room, we’ve cried together and just hugged each other. She was always there for me, and I for her when one of us wanted to vent and have the other listen. Sparkle has always watched over me when I sleep, kind of like a guardian angel in a way. 

I remember about 4-5 years after I got her, she met the love of her life. Jewel, a stuffed cat I got. She and Jewel became the first stuffed animal wedding I’d ever officiated. It had a red velvet rope so only people on the guest list could come in, fake flowers, a plastic cake, and of course, many stuffed animals. It was the event of the season! I know that even if I don’t keep all my stuffed animals when I’m an adult, I will definitely keep her. Some people may think, “why not another stuffed animal?” Well, that’s because my other stuffed animals are special to me but not as much as a certain stuffed chihuahua. Do you have a special stuffed animal?
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