Jan 05
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The Look

I walk through the hall when of course I see the I-am-better-then-you walk. Sarah Goodman. The one person in the whole school I absolutely hate. She gives me the don't- look-at-me look. I just can't stand it anymore. I go over to her and tell her to bug off. She laughs like you have got to be kidding me and keeps walking. Then my best friend Sophie Dodds walks over and looks concerned. Oh my god. I have to go. We walk outside and talk. She says she is going to Germany. I don't know what to say. I give her a hug and than, of course the bell has to ring. I go to my next class feeling sad and scared. Of course I have to sit next to Sarah Goodman during all classes. What to do. Lunch is the best thing I can imagine right about now. Outside with fresh air and not having to worry about a thing. Sarah Goodman, the queen bee of the queen bees
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