Jan 05
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             The conversation was muffled through the plastic walls of the RV but of course that didn't prevent us from hearing most of the words, the words that both terrified and intrigued us. By us I mean me and my brothers, we lived in a trailer park in Houston Texas and with the sweltering heat there wasn't much to do other than walking around looking for rumors. Where we were there seemed to be a nearly endless supply with people cheating on their wives and other deeds that our community didn't look to kindly upon. But, the words that we heard that day were new to us, “We’ll take him out back and put a bullet in his head, They'll all think it was a hunter or sumtin’. Let's bury him tonight out back,” there have always been rumors of people cheating, drinking and all sorts of terrible deeds but nothing of this proportion never the thought of killing someone, that was just terrible and I'm sure everyone else will agree as it won't be long until me and my brothers tell everyone, a secret of that proportion wouldn't last an hour before being told, a secret like that seems to roll off your tongue just by looking at someone. I looked over at my brothers there faces filled with comical horror I supposed I didn't look much better as I felt like bolting right then and there. The conversation continued and the horror spread throughout my body. “He lived a long life, but at this point it's just painful for him. But the BARKING,” the barking! What? maybe a metaphor for talking... “God, I hate to do it but he's always whining and annoying the neighbors” a higher voice, presumably a woman replied “He always used to snuggle though! I'll miss him,” “ yeah but sparky will be there in doggy heaven,” the deeper voice replied laughing. Dog... Dog... We thought they killed a person, a person! They killed a dog.... That could have gotten out of hand, that would have been an awful misconception. 
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