Sep 23

I Can Find No Words

There are
some moments,
when I know just 
what to say. 
When I know just 
what to say
to make someone feel
less doubtful,
less put down,
less afraid.
while there are 
words of positivity,
words of clarity,
there are lots of times
when my lips 
do not move,
they do not make a sound.
They seem to detach from
my body altogether,
leaving me with my thoughts,
my thoughts that wish to escape,
my thoughts that wish to be heard,
my thoughts that get stuck.
And so,
when I get scared,
when I become embarrassed,
when I seem overpowered by something,
someone, else,
I must learn to strengthen these words,
these feelings,
into sentences that can be heard,
even by those who always speak,
by those who never listen.