Sep 24
poem challenge: Song Lyric

Cardboard Houses: A Song Lyric Poem

Author's note: This poem was inspired by and used a line from Will Wood's Suburbia Overture.It's one of my favorite songs, and I reccomend checking it out-once you're done with the poem, of course.

Cardboard houses full of dead and dying rats
Velvet dresses worn with rotting hats,
Going to church and laughing in the pews
Stomping on a cat as it bellows and mews.
The sun is setting over the bright blue hils
Say Live Laugh and Love, oh, and please pass the pills
Write in wing dings or smells the roses
Or turn the other cheek on upturned button noses.
Try to impale my heart on the white picket fence
Smear my blood on the playground using plain common sense
Grab my hands, pull my hair, yank me back to the past
The best in the show is stepping on the last.
Celebrate, overrate, call your friends, stay out late,
Maybe it's the town or maybe it's fate.