Sep 24
nonfiction challenge: Possession
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Teddy Bears

My teddy bears are named Tabo, Timber, and Piggy. They are furry and cute. Tabo is light brown and is a bear. Timber is also a bear and he is dark brown. Since Timber is older, he is less fat. Piggy is a pig; he is pink with brown spots. They are brothers, and all medium size, about 1foot tall. They hang out together on my bed all day. Even though Piggy is a stuffed animal, he sheds a lot of hair. They are important to me for different reasons. Tabo was my first stuffed animal; he is special because he has been with me my whole life. Timber is special because he was my grandfather’s teddy bear. Though he didn’t have Timber for a very long time, only 3 or 4 years, when he died, Timber was given to me. Piggy is just special.
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