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fiction challenge: Possession
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The Written Dream

I adore my notebook and pen. I've had it ever since I was little. It was the first present I got when I could read and write.(Yes it is huge.)  One night I fell asleep while writing and my written dream had started.

    In my dream chaotic things happened. I was running from a mad man chasing me one second, the next I was having tea with the mad hatter. After a few more teleports to Egypt, Madagascar, and the Caribbean Sea I finally stayed in one place for more than 30 seconds.

I looked around to hear buzzing above me, looking up to see pixies looking at me with confusion. They started whispering like bells when I noticed everything there was tiny, I mean tiny. When they flew away I teleported away. 

I landed with a thud covered in supplies for survival and exploration. I heard a yell behind me,

“Dr. Kasy Hope!” A man yelled. How does he know my name and did he call me Dr? I thought to myself.

“Dr. Kas…oh there you are!” The man said.

“Oh, may you remind me of what we're doing here?” I said.

“Um Ok, we are here to find a new butterfly. And we will find it or my name isn’t Sir find-a-lot.” Sir find-a-lot said.

We walked for a while and just when I thought something was wrong a ginormous dog-like creature with HUGE fangs jumped out of the woods, I put my hands up and the creature, Sir find-a-lot, and everything else was frozen. When the glitch teleport came over me and whisked me away it all unfroze. 

This teleport was different. It felt strange; then I realized that I was in outer space, but with none of the protective gear on, I was completely vulnerable.  Just when I thought all was lost, I shot up millions of miles. When I pit stopped there was a sound.

“Kasy...Kasy…” The voice boomed. And I moved forward very fast again, and then something opened and light poured into my eyes.

“Kasy...Kasy wake up!” My mom said, I opened my eyes, unable to remember anything. Then I sat up and saw that my entire dream was written down in my notebook with my pen. 

 That's my written dream, and if you're wondering I still always write in my notebook with my pen.
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