Sep 25
fiction challenge: Heavens

Light Up The Darkness

Once upon a time, there was only darkness. Forever and ever. Never-ending darkness. It was just a shady, dull night named Balthazar. He consumed everything, leaving only the oblivion of black nothingness.

    Balthazar took a wife because he was lonely. He took together the darkness to form a single being. He called her Aylin, mother moon. She was the most beautiful creature to ever roam inside of the abyss. He loved her. Truly loved her. And she could care less.

    Aylin wanted Light in her darkness. She wanted to feel the warmth on the dark outline of her skin. She wanted to see, not only herself but everything. 

    This troubled Balthazar so much that he created a large cage he called the dark-way to trap Aylin inside of. She sat in that cage for so long that she eventually forgot about her hope for the Light. Balthazar finally let her out, but she had changed. The careless joy she had that once allowed her to hold his cold, dark heart and diminished completely. She was lifeless. 

    His queen was slowly losing her capacity to feel anything at all, so he came up with a plan.

    He fed her a seed of darkness and she became pregnant within moments. Pregnancies are a lot shorter for immortal beings than for humans, so a couple of days later, her stomach began to tear open. From the wound shot out bright white Lights. 

    Balthazar was so incredibly happy when he saw Aylin’s deep eyes shine with the light of their children. There was Gia, who glowed a pale green, Martinus, who was bright red, Kavon who shined a bronze light, Zahara was a shining light of white, Gillian, who burned an amber glow, Orenus glowed a faint blue, Oceanis, who was magnificent indigo, and little nix who glowed a light brown. The only other two were twins Adya and Aranis. The twin girls were the biggest of the group, Adya being bright gold, and Aranis being a cool silver.

    Balthazar was back to being in love with Aylin, and Aylin loved their little Planets. But the Planets didn’t love either of their parents. They were bright and their birth-giver was pure darkness. Their father realized this after Martinus tried to stab Balthazar with a blade of light, and Zahara tried to run away. So, he locked them up in the dark-way, despite the pain he felt through Aylin’s pleading and sobbing. 

    But, the dark-way didn’t stay very dark for long. The Planets had lit the dark-way so there were now streaks of purple, blue, green, and pink sliding this way and that, creating a mosaic of light.
    Aylin was still crying when Balthazar screamed in rage, making a slice straight through the darkness. The queen moved so fast he had no time to process the lights slowly being taken and thrown out of her eyes into the darkness like little tiny splatters of bright white paint. Then she whipped her tears away and took the blade of light Martinus had discarded into the darkness and she stabbed her husband. A single drop of inky black fell from his eye as he died, fading into the nothingness of space he had created. 

    Queen Aylin ruled over space for the rest of time, silently watching over her little planets, forever trying to break the lock Balthazar had used to close up the dark-way, which she renamed as the milky-way. The Planets formed a circle around Adya, who was renamed as Sun, because of her bright colors, and the orbit became so natural, the Planets forgot that there was anything but. Aranis chose to circle not Adya, but Gia, for protection, because, unlike the others, she was able to form more life. 

    Aylin’s stars became a light that went on forever in the abyss, warding off the darkness Balthazar had created. And the Queen herself slowly faded into the milky-way as the chains loosened, but she had become so old that she hadn’t realized what was happening. Now, she lies in her final resting place with her children around her, as the black-hole, because just like her husband, she was darkness, even if she had hope.

About the Author: Lizzy_Rights
"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words." -Edgar Allen Poe