Sep 27

love for creator

that look will stay with me.
through the train window i was searching aimlessly for meaning,
when i finally reached her.
 a tall body obscured my view, 
the frustration built. 
and then she smiled. 
she smiled for me. 
the body blocking me moved toward her.
clearly he thought that look was his. 
and although they seemed familiar, 
i knew it was mine.
i have never felt more understood. 
her eyes spoke to me. comfort that had eluded me since those early days in the nursery. 
she knew more than i did. 
she had always been there. i just hadn’t spotted her.
it was her breath that made clay man.
her eyes that gave sparkle to the sky.
she had tread every well-worn path.
put everything in place 

for that moment on the train.
the smoke took her away. 
but i can feel her in the air.