Sep 27
poem challenge: Magnificent

The picturesque

She had never seen anything so magnificent in her life.
It was so vibrant and beautiful,
Basking in the sun,
With its arms reaching up towards the sky.
The branches were lean and covered in beautiful red leaves.
It held her entire life in its worn,
Withered fingers.
She loved the tree
With every ounce of her being.
It was her home,
It was her heart,
And it was hers,
And rooted thoroughly in the soil,
Just waiting for her,
And she couldn’t believe it was hers.
So finally,
She ran to it,
And in one fluid leap,
She was atop it.
Climbing steadily,
Her breathing grew even,
And the fireflies came out to play,
Guiding her up,
Into the very highest branches of the majestic beast that was hers.
And as she sat in its nimble limbs, 
Looking out over the ocean,
With the dying light of the sun as a blanket,
And in the tree's firm hold,
She fell into a vast dreamland.
About the Author: Lizzy_Rights
"Good fictions job is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable" -David Foster Wallace