Sep 28
fiction challenge: Cheeseburger
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My phone buzzed. Ughhhh. Probably another one of my space-obsessed friends. They're always texting me about their billionaire parents’ new inventions for space travel. Like, that’s cool and all but it gets annoying after all the “Hey, Maddy” this and the “Hey Maddy” that. Me? I’m keener on creating the world’s largest cheeseburger. The original biggest is 1,794 pounds but I think I can make it to 2,000. 

If only Ruby, Holly, and Jimmy-Joe would STOP TEXTING ME!!!! Like… OK. I get it. Space is cool. But why spend all your parent’s money on space travel when the earth you live on is dying?  I get that, maybe, space travel is more interesting than the earth,  (Which probably lost its pizzaz a couple of thousand years ago) but that doesn’t mean ignore it! 

Unlike you, with millions of dollars, there are people out there who can barely survive with what they have! There are people who just can’t get a break from a ruthless addiction, there are people still suffering the consequences of other people’s stupidity,  there are people struggling to even think about living, and there are animals, poor helpless things that can’t seem to fight back! (and when they do… its evil, ruthless, and just plain stupidity on them because we are obviously the superior species)
But back to the Cheesburger. I’m going to take some 1,500 pounds of dehydrated meat (just add water!), a whole 3 blocks of 20-pound cheddar, the entirety of 14 heads of iceberg lettuce, and 50 jars of giant mayonnaise. (Condiments will be available) My mum (who works at a bakery) is going to bake two GIANT buns and I’m going to put it all together. I looked down at my phone. Oops! That’s her now! Gotta run! And get the buns out of the oven!

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