Sep 28
fiction challenge: Cheeseburger
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Best Burger Ever

Most kids want to be a doctor when they grow up, or go to space, which is what my friends wanted to do. We’re all very successful con men and have billions of dollars, any person’s dream. I guess I have it all from your eyes. But I never felt satisfied with all of it. Because, it’s just not what I wanted. You may be wondering “what is so big that even a rich man would want?”. Let me tell you. All I ever wanted when I was a kid is to make a perfect burger recipe. Judge me all you want but have you ever just ate the best thing ever and wondered if it can ever be better than this, honestly probably not but you get the idea here. Before I go on, I’ll just explain how I got here. It all started when I was 6 years old. It was a monday morning, quiet, peaceful, and sponge bob playing on the big screen. I have always wondered how the special krabby patty was made and how it tasted, but at last it was just a cartoon. But because of my curiosity I asked my dad if he could make some for me. Of course, like the wonderful dad he was, he said no. I asked again, he said no. And I asked again, same response. But my endeavors did not go to waste! After weeks of trying, he finally said fine. And off he went to his grill. I was ecstatic. It felt like getting a new kidney. When I saw that paper towel with a sandwich of perfection being handed to me. It was finally happening, I would get to taste the krabby patty. I took a bite out of it and, ew. It was the worst burger ever. Like I love my dad but wow, it was really bad. So I went to the living room disappointed and sad. At that moment I promised myself I would make the best burger in the world so I could avenge my taste buds. And so I did, studying hard in school, going to every cooking course in the state, and reading as much as possible about it. I was about to be a lawyer so I can get the money to fund this. But then I gave up and became a rich criminal, still have yet to achieved my dreams. After gaining billions from my work, I'm pretty sure I found the perfect thing. I can't say it since I would have to kill you if I did. But I'll just tell you one thing. M S G. Anyways now, so that’s my story, a story full of stress and failure, emotions and uh big words. Um, what else can I say? I'll just end it here, ignore everything before, it’s very secret. So what did we learn here kids, never give up on your dreams, but if you do, get money, and then try again. Because you can't do anything unless you have money.