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fiction challenge: Cheeseburger
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Once there was an astronaut named Jerry, who had a bunch of friends. All his friends wanted to go to the moon, like they do all the time. This time he decided that he was bored of it all because he had gone so many times. He decided he wanted to make the greatest thing of all, the world's biggest Cheeseburger! When he was a kid, he had always dreamed of making the world's largest Cheeseburger. His parents at the time thought that his idea was silly. Instead, they had wanted him to  become an astronaut.

    He decided to tell his friends about his plan to make the largest cheeseburger and it surprisingly went well. When going over the plan they realised how much money it was going to cost to make the burger. It would cost a lot because they would need a giant oven, many cows, a ton of cheese and a lot of wheat to make the burger buns.

 They opened a restaurant that made cheeseburgers. It was just a little camper that they practiced making cheeseburgers and fries in. It was a lot of work but after two years, it paid off. They finally had the money to do it. He now just had one problem. All of his friends said they had to retire because they were too tired to work any longer. He now needed new helpers to help him make the world's biggest cheeseburger. He had no choice but to call his younger sisters, and by that I mean his five younger sisters. 

He went to his backyard where his younger sisters were and he said, “let's get cooking.” His sisters said they would rather put on makeup. In the end, he said they could make a hot dog after helping him to make the world’s largest cheeseburger. 

     They then needed to call their friend, George who owned a farm and this how they got the beef, lettuce, tomato, and bread. They then bought six ovens and a lot of refrigerators and got cooking. His sisters complained a lot but after two weeks they had finally cooked all the beef. They had help from George who had a crane and bulldozer to put it together. 

YES!!! It was finally done. He was exhausted and luckily his sisters had something to say that they thought would cheer him up. They said, “what about the big hot dog?”

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