Sep 30
fiction challenge: Cheeseburger
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I was working on a mysterious recipe when I was interrupted by...

“Cherylene, we are waiting for you, let's go," called Nicole, the most impatient but also the prettiest one out of my group of friends. She has silky black hair that glows in the sunlight and an unpredictable personality.

"I'm coming,” I called as I slumped down the stairs with my suitcase at my side.

“Come on! If we leave in exactly five minutes and thirty seconds we will be exactly two minutes and five seconds late, so let's hurry people. Get in the car,” said Denise. Denise has black hair with brown tips and she is the smartest one and is always getting straight A's on all of her tests. We all finally got into the car.

     We finally arrived at the NASA station. We got out of the car and put our suitcase in the spaceship. We go through the safety rules with the instructor. We got into the spaceship and we were right about to take off. The countdown was almost at one.

    “No, stop! can get me into a pie-eating contest but not this, this is the worst thing that you could try to get me to do.” I yelled. I jumped off the spaceship and grabbed my suitcase, and said, “Good luck.”

    When I arrived home I started gathering ingredients. I was finally ready to make the world’s best burger. I started working and working over the years and I got better and better but I still wasn't the best. Then the day came and I found the right concoction of ingredients to make the world's best burger. When I finally made it, I took a bite and it was the world's best burger. It was almost the biggest burger too but it wasn't. It got second place.

  I broke the world’s record for the best burger. I now have my own burger restaurant and I am doing really well. If you have a dream, go after it. Don't let anyone stop you.
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