Sep 30
fiction challenge: Heavens
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Don't you ever wonder how things were created? Such as the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets? Well, that is exactly what I'm going to tell you about.

The Sun: It all started with a glowing orb the size of a lightbulb. It was the one unique thing in the world at that time, for everything else was darkness. Eventually, other orbs came and combined with it. Soon it was the size of a small planet. It kept on growing and became the giant fireball we see in the sky today.

The Moon: The orbs brought with them rocks, which is how the moon was formed. After the Moon grew larger, it started getting hit by the orbs. When an orb hit it, it would leave a crater. Then after a while, the Moon became the Night's Queen as we know her today.

The Stars: The stars were the most unique of these things. Soon after the moon was made, another Sun was made. The Moon and the new Sun were too close to each other so they started on an orbit to smash into each other. When they smashed into each other, only the moon remained. The chunks of the new Sun formed around the universe and created the glowing lights in the sky that we see each night.
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