Sep 30

The Sheriff

They call him the sheriff
He enforces the laws
He's handsome and kind
We don't see any flaws
They call him the "big guy"
He's strong and he's smart
Went to a 4 year college
Big hands and big heart
They call him the angel
He helps out the poor
Before he shoots up houses
He knocks on their door
They call him a feminist
He's a big fan of girls
He kisses the babies
And twists childrens curls
They know he's a man's man
Saturdays for the boys
Defends all the quarterbacks
Buys them shiny new toys
They call him a great dad
Sweet with a firm hand
Can never be wrong
Sets the law of the land
They call him the sheriff
It's he who we revere
It's easy to love him
When we all live in fear