Oct 04

i know

that people dont like me
people talk behind my back
whispers follow me
down crowded hallways
and i keep my head high
pretend i dont notice
pretend it doesnt bother me
put on a mask
play dumb and
act along
i pretend to be
academically smart though
i struggle to keep up.
i pretend to be
socially dumb though
i know more than people think
because i listen
i watch
i look for the hidden cracks
i can crawl into
and vanish
no one notices im gone.
from my little peephole
i watch and
see emotions and
lost stares. 
i listen and 
hear near-silent whispers and
soft confessions and
i wait and
hold my breath
moment frozen in time
let it go
world resumes
keep walking
head up
but dont forget
words clipped with steel