Oct 04

The Three Crows

I got lost in a book one day
Lost among the words 
And as I was swimming through murky ink
I came upon three birds
The first urged me to turn around
To run from whence I came
He had spectacles and articles
And carved a wooden cane
He reminded me of home
Of the things I had to do
The workings and the tidings
Things I had to see through
Then the second bird appeared
It was kind and it was homey
And though I'd never met it 
I swear it seemed to know me
It told me to stay right here
To sink into the moss
To not finish my book right now
Well that would be a loss
I was stuck and I was torn
So I glanced to the third crow
And she just smiled softly
While I looked to and fro
She gestured to a path 
That had just appeared 
The path wove through a thicket
That had just been cleared 
I knew it would be perilous
Dangerous at best
But in my heart I felt a calling
The ringing of a quest
And so the crow gave me a pack
With magic and with rooks
And most importantly a pen
And two empty books
And then I adventured
Wrote down everything I crossed
So the next person can use it as a map
Of just how to get lost