Oct 06
fiction challenge: Taste


If I could eat something inedible it would be a book. There is a book called Judy B. Jones that I would choose. This book teaches people about her life adventures, school and about babysitters. I would want to eat this book because I love it!

This book would taste sweet because there might be some fruits that taste like adventures. The babysitter in the story would  taste wild because she tries to cook and she gets it all over herself. A lot of times it goes onto her pink dress.

At school, Judy B. Jones was doing a science project and it would taste sour. The project would taste sour because she was trying to write down her favorite food and she messed up. I like eating sour foods such as lemons and oranges.

Some of the pictures in the book would taste good because of the memories on each page. The pictures can make you feel happy or angry. Sometimes Judy B. Jones would do something that would make her parents happy and this would taste happy to me.    

I would eat this book because I know it would taste good because it is made up of sweet and sour flavors.

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