Jan 05


I've lived in Vermont all my life and I wouldn't mind to keep it that way. I lived in Waitsfield when I was younger and now I'm in Duxbury. Vermont is amazing, its small and rustic, with a population of about 626,500. I think its awesome that we have small towns with not alot of people, and big ones with more poeple. In 2010 Duxbury had a population of just 1,337. I think that thats awesome. I personally don't like tourists, I think its funny that theyre so amazed at something we see on the daily basis, but I dont like a bunch of other people coming from other places crowding streets, restraunts, ski resorts, trying to get into stowe in the fall or winter is impossable! They do support local buissnessess, so thats good. All in all, people in Vermont are decent, I'd be lying if I said that everyone was nice to one another, and that bad things don't happen, they do more often than they should, but its not like that kind of stuff happens all the time and when it does we work as a community and rebuiled what was broken. So living in Vermont isnt perfect, but for me...its close enough.