Oct 08
fiction challenge: Dancer
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The sad ending

It was 1995 and I had just started dance, it caught on immidiatly. I fell inlove I felt like dance was speaking to me. I would dance all morning all night and all day. Dance was my life and It was all I wanted to do. I know I was only 3 at the time but It was my favorite thing to do and it made me feel like nothing else in the world mattered when I was dancing. I could feel the music and could dance for the rest of my life. Fast forward to when I was 14. It was 2006 and I had started doing competitive dance at age 10. I was dancing infront of what felt like tens of thousands of people in dance compatitions. I had taken on gymnastics as well as hiphop, and Jazz and I was already in ballet. Everyone I knew kept telling me how good I was and that I could go to the olimpics if I wanted. Then something happened that could ruin my carrer for a long time. I was up on stage infront of tens of thousands of people and I was dancing with my partner and lover, Leo. Leo had soft silky hair and had the face of an angle. We would enter Competitions together and we always won gold. That is until today, When he threw me up into the air my body froze and I couldnt move. My legs just stopped working and when he caught me and put me down I fell and we were right infront of the judges and near the edge of the stage. Before I knew it I was in the lap of one of the judges and I had fainted and I could no longer walk for months after. Which ment no dance, no practice, no happiness. My main happiness was dance and Leo. But as soon as I knew it 2 weeks later I went to suprise Leo at a Competition and I thought it was solo competitions but low and behold he was dancing with another girl and at the end of the dance he kissed her infront of everyone. Then he saw me and I started crying and I told him to get lost. Fast forward to when I was 24 no one would hire me to dance for them in anything. Exept in the back. That was the end of my carrer. 

(this is all a fake story)
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