Oct 08

Autumn Wonder

When I wake up,
when my eyes open
for the first time in hours,
I prepare for the day ahead.
I brush my hair,
brush my teeth,
eat breakfast,
get dressed.
And when I go outside,
I stare at the brittle grass,
losing its color,
its vibrance,
falling asleep. 
I glance at the trees,
towering above me,
their leaves spreading from
to orange,
to red.
I smell the fresh,
chilling air 
that sends shivers 
through my body.
I watch as fog,
a light fog,
a mysterious fog,
drifts over our town,
but pleasingly.
And while my eyes 
take in the sights,
while my nose, 
my ears, 
my lips 
experience this paradise
we know as autumn,
my mind wanders to the
the costumes and hot apple cider on Halloween,
the decorative Christmas tree during winter,
the smell of dew in the morning,
and I get excited,
I get truly,
truly excited.