Oct 08
poem challenge: Skirts
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Margo and her choice

It was October, but Margo was still wearing short summer skirts.
It was a choice of Margo's to wear her skirts in the brisk October weather.
She knew most days would bring an unfathomable chill to the atmosphere.  
The autumn air would push and forcefully skim her bare legs, jolting Margo awake. 
She knew her friends would be switching out their skirts for something warmer.
She knew she would get skeptical glances at her choice of attire.
They would wonder why Margo wasn’t covering up as the crimson and rust orange leaves fell away to the ground. 
Even with those thoughts and considerations in mind, Margo still wore her skirts as she got onto the school bus and arrived at the porch steps of her home. 
Secretly, wearing the skirts made Margo happy.
Since it made her happy, why would she stop wearing skirts since everyone else is wearing something different?
Or stop because of a few onlookers who stared longer than necessary?
She could bear the brisk winds that approached with autumn settling in.
She could even continue wearing her short skirts until winter decided to make an appearance. 
It was a choice of hers that brought delight and happiness to Margo. 
She wouldn’t stop making choices that brought her joy just because a few elements didn’t align with her. 
We could all learn a little something from Margo. 
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