Oct 08
fiction challenge: Magnificent

The Magnificent Year She Had

Where she was from, there weren’t any changes in seasons, no animals that scattered around, no flowers that bloomed for even a second.
    Where she was from, it stayed the same season year long. It wasn’t like winter, or spring, or summer, or fall. It was just a constant state of nothing. And the land was just a field of greyness as far as the eye could see. With no soft grass, just tough dirt and several skinny weeds that would occasionally grow out of the ground. True, it could be its own beauty, but it wasn’t like what she would soon see.

    She traveled as far as she could until she finally found her way to a place that changed all year round, every day. The winter brought snow and dark trees that casted long shadows. The trees invited her to climb them and after doing so, she would jump down into the freezing powder. In which she would then go inside to a welcoming person’s house and sit by the fire, dazzling in orange and yellow flames that mimicked the sun that had gone into hiding at that time.

    When Spring came, the rain washed away the snow, and the small purple flowers started to bloom. The animals started to come out again, and she would chase them in hopes of getting a companion. And when the sun came out, she would dance in the fields and jump in the puddles that had been left the afternoon before. She would also gather water in little cups woman made and gifted to her and would water the growing plants.

    As Summer approached, she noticed how more people came out to play and would wander through markets with fresh vegetables and fruits that had grown the season before. Kids would sit sweating on the sidewalk eating popsicles and would politely give one to her when she asked what they were. And while she ate the fruit-tasting ice, a bee or two would fly around her in hopes of getting to the sweet object they smell. 

    And when Fall arrived, she saw the trees and how the leaves ranged in colors. From red, orange, yellow, no shade was the same and the grass wasn’t the same summer green she had just gotten used to. The chipmunks and squirrels spent more time eating and kids started to stop sitting on the sidewalk and instead walk on them to school.

    And as the sky started to grey again, and the snow started to fall, she knew Winter was back. And she looked forward to jumping into the snow again. And after that she would look forward to the puddles, and then the popsicles, and then the hungry little animals, and how it would happen all over again and again in that order.

    At that moment she knew that she had never seen anything so magnificent in her life.
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