Oct 09
poem challenge: Open

Open...see it.

Open your eyes

This is not just your world anymore

The immaterial has become, well,


I know you're there

Watching me everyday

But I'm am here

see you

You may have crippled me physically

But you will never be able to hurt me mentally

I am strong

I know what happiness means

What it really means

I will not let you

Control me like a puppet

I am independent now

Open your eyes

This is not your world anymore

You need to be able to control your mind

If you don't rule your mind

Your mind will rule you

I am coming 

And when we meet

I will be there, stronger than ever

Not just physically, but mentally 

Open your mind...see it


See who you really are...

About the Author: shaquille.oatmeal_10
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