Oct 09
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Line Break, Episode 48

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Spoopy_Mouse about his poem, "For My Older Sister," our siblings, books we've read and are hoping to read, writing short stories, and finding meter in poetry. I hope you enjoy!

Also, amaryllis and I will be hosting another Oh Snap! YWP Online Open Mic on Oct. 16th at 1pm Eastern! We'd love to have you join us for a fun afternoon of sharing writing and talking about all sorts of topics! Send me or amaryllis a message on the site if you have any questions and be sure to sign up!


By Spoopy_Mouse

You were brisk with your walking
Ignoring Oregon, and all unsaid
Before the goodbye
I fell behind admiring a slug
Knelt to let it crawl across my palm
I imagined your toys
Dusty, in our attic of ancient things

Your next hike was without me 
For my stomach was slurring with slugs
Alone, I lay in the van
And felt the slime inside me
I should’ve asked you to stay

Remember when we freed photos from magazines?
And taped model faces to the van walls
It was our renovation, decorations
When you could drive we’d live in here

If I begged you to stay
We could play pretend
Be vagabonds
All we’d need to know is the road
We’d empty out the college textbooks
And use your bag as a boat
Floating forever
On the sea that sank time
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