Oct 10
fiction challenge: Magnificent

A Magnificent Sunset

Astrid had never seen anything so magnificent in her life. The sun slowly sank behind the mountain as an explosion of red, pink, yellow and orange covered the sky. It felt like a dream. It calmed her, it felt like all her worries where gone just by looking up at the sky. The waves from the lake fell against the rocks with a gentle crash. "Wow, it's so beautiful," Ryan said, dazed in the moment. 
"Yeah, it's amazing," Astrid said under her breath. A warm feeling consumed her. She felt like her world was turned upside down. Never in her 13 years had she seen anything like this. She took a deep breath and held it. She was in shock by the flooding colors that filled the sky as far the the eye could see.
The sun was soon out of sight and all you could see was a small space behind the mountain where the colors still lasted, but just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. "I've never seen anything like that in my life," Ryan laughed, still amazed by what she had just seen. "That was so magnificent!" Astrid responded. 

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